Facility & Hospital

Facilities At Dr. Neha's Clinic

We have a wide array of services and facilities to care for you and your newborn.

  1. Maternity Facilities / Services
  2. Suite / Deluxe Room
  3. Birth Registration
  4. Well equipped labor room and Operation Theater
  5. Blood bank
  6. Obstetric Ultrasound and Prenatal Diagnostic Unit
  7. Cafeteria
  8. In-house pharmacy
  9. Pediatrician round the clock.
  10. Doctors round the clock
  11. Advance laparoscopic equipments
  12. Govt. Recognized Abortion Center

Each room comes with a single bed, attached bathroom with shower facilities, couch-bed, and a telephone to keep anxious family members updated on the baby’s arrival.
The nurses and admin team work very closely with the obstetricians, anaesthetists, neonatologists and physicians to help mothers through their deliveries.
Another important partner in the entire experience is none other than the father-to-be. We encourage the husband or significant other to provide moral support to the mother.
We at motherhood promote normal delivery and the babies who are well and who do not require special medical attention can stay with their mothers in the obstetric (maternity) ward.
“Rooming-in” helps parents to bond with their newborn babies and learn baby’s habits, likes and dislikes. More importantly, it provides a good opportunity for parents to learn how to care for the baby, so that they can tap on the vast experience of the hospital’s nurses ex: holding a new born, Lactation Training, connecting with a new born etc.
Every obstetric ward has a Nursery, where specially trained nurses care for the baby. A team of doctors monitor the baby’s health each day.
Neonatal Unit
Motherhood has level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, capable of handling pre-term babies as less as 800 gms. We are led by highly qualified neonatologist with 24/7 specialized nursing care to sick babies.
This is most suited for babies who need regular monitoring by the medical team, and babies whose mothers may not be able to care for them (e.g. immediately after a caesarean section).